Fun With Sex Toys

So you placed an ad on a dating site and you have been chatting with Mr. or Mrs. Right or at least Mr. or Mrs. Right Now and you are planning your big get together! if all goes well you two will be bumping and grinding the night away and everything you will have hoped for will come true. You will be screaming at the top of your lungs in orgasmic delight until you pass out! or at least orgasming 🙂

Should you pack up that big duffle bag of sex toys and take it with you? or maybe save that for the second sex date? My first piece of advice is that if you do take it then don’t get pulled over for speeding and give the officer any excuse to search your car. You might have some explaining to do about those handcuffs and big over sized dildos!! LOL, could you imagine? ha ha! I’d like to see that episode of cops!

In all seriousness, hopefully one of the things you have discussed before meeting for your casual encounter is whether or not sex toys will be part of the fun. If you are looking for a successful hook up then having good communication is key to the meeting. Being truthful and honest about what you are into and expecting is the difference between a night filled with orgasmic pleasure and a night of disappointment and trying to figure out how to get back home the quickest route possible. Honesty is the best policy and their is no shame in wanting to include sex toys in the fun. Talk about it, let him or her know what kind of toys you have, what you are into and what kind of toys you wish you had. That kind of talk can be uber hot.

Remember as well that unless those toys are only used on you and you have cleaned and sterilized them personally, you should be using some form of protection over that big ole dildo or multi speed car battery operated vibe! Almost every sex store in the world has some form of toy cleaner. Invest in some and take care of your stuff. You don’t want any funky diseases that could have easily been prevented. It is part of your responsibility for good sex to make sure your play things are ready to go and safe to use.

How you use your sex toys and where you stick them is up to you. Some people like it hard and rough and want to be fucked silly with a big dildo and others want just a little vibe in certain spots while gentle intercourse is going on. Be honest and tell your partner what your into with your toys and you will increase your chances of hot all night bump and grind 🙂

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Gay Tops And Bottoms

When it comes to gay sex, are you a top or bottom? or maybe a switch? it seems like some guys have pretty defined roles for themselves when it comes to the bedroom. Others are more free flowing and will just go with whatever mood strikes them. If your looking for gay sex hook ups then one thing that may help is if you talk about some of this in your personal ad. After all, if your strictly a bottom, you don’t want replies from other bottoms expecting you to top them. Talk about how much you enjoy being a bottom and what your willing to do as a bottom. Is it just straight sex? or are you one of those really nasty filthy guys? the more info you give the more the chance you will find someone compatible to you!

It is said men are simple creatures but anyone that has delved into the world of gay cruising knows that men can be varied and diverse. Some men really like to be in charge. They are pure top and some take it even further and get into the whole role play bdsm thing. Others are pure bottom and the more you dominate them the hotter it is for them. It seems like their are varying degrees of both as well. From the leather daddy to the pretty in pink sissy to all points in between. The more you write in your ad the better an idea men will have what you are into. There is no right or wrong here, just write about what you are into and be honest. The more upfront you are the more likely you will find those men you are looking for. I know I repeat this a lot but it really is true. Don’t be shy when writing your ad. The more information you give the more your chances go up for finding someone that is into the same things you are into.

If your a top then it is important to make the bottoms you get together with feel safe and secure. After all, they are letting you take what you want from them. If your a bottom then make sure you go above and beyond in your efforts to satisfy the guy topping you. Hopefully you to have talked at length about what the expectations are and what you are and are not into. Set your boundaries, make sure both parties know what is and is not okay. Talk about what your willing to explore or what is completely out of the picture. The more communication the better. If both people feel safe then the sex can be that much hotter and wilder.

If your not sure or if your still finding out then that is okay to. Just write that in your ad. Some guys enjoy webcam chats to explore all their interests in a safe and comfortable way. It might be a good option to help you learn the lingo and explore your fantasies before going out and acting out with someone. Or maybe you have lots of experience and it’s a good way to kill some time while you work on your next gay sex encounter. One great gay webcam site is Gay Stiffy

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Dating Post Op Trans Or Pre Op Trans

When you think about dating a tranny, are you thinking about post op transsexuals or those that have not had the surgery yet? It’s a question you should ask yourself because if you place an ad on the net looking for transgender love then you may get replies from both. If it doesn’t matter to you then great but if it does then you may want to take a moment and mention your preference in your personal ad so you don’t waste anyone’s time. This is one of those examples of where honesty is the best policy. You need to be clear about what you want so you don’t end up with replies from people that are of no interest to you.

My experience is that a majority of transsexuals have a desire to have the surgery at some point. For one reason or another they may not have had it yet but somewhere in their brain they are thinking about it. After all, they believe that they were born the opposite gender. Imagine for a moment just how hard that would be for yourself. Think about what is going on inside of someone that they would take the time and energy to transition into the opposite gender. It will hopefully give you some compassion and understanding of the person you are reaching out to for dates or sex or a relationship. These are human beings going through something so unimaginably hard that the more empathy you can have the better. If your looking for a long term relationship then you should wrap your head around the fact that the trans you fall in love with will be probably be removing a body part at some point.

It really depends what you are looking for. For example are you looking for casual encounters? tranny webcam chatting? true love? One thing to ask yourself is if you end up falling in love with a transgender person than are you willing to accept that person if they change their private parts. Is your attraction to the transsexual the fact that it is the best of both worlds? because if so then when a MTF removes their penis that changes things drastically.

Their is no right or wrong answer here. Just some things to think about when looking for a shemale to date. Do you want post-op or pre-op or does it matter? Remember your dealing with human beings so the more honest you are in your ad the more success you will have in finding what you really want 🙂

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Co-Worker Sex

What is it about having sex with someone you work with that is so hot? maybe it’s just the forbidden zone. Most accepted practice is that you don’t have sex with the people you work with for a number of reasons. It may get uncomfortable or your fellow employees may start to talk badly about you or your boss may decide that it is a distraction at work and you would be better off working elsewhere. Then again you may have some of the best sex of your life and nothing bad could happen either! Sometimes you can really get to know the people you work with and during conversations you pick up on things they like. File that away and make use of it if you ever get to do the nasty with that person!

It’s really not that unusual to fantasize about someone you work with. Lets face it, you spend a lot of time at work and you interact with a lot of different people. Your up close and personal for extended periods of time. You can easily find yourself sexually attracted to someone or if you end up finding out you have similar life experiences then you suddenly find yourself emotionally attracted to someone. It happens more than you think.

Who knows what could happen and you have to decide for yourself if it is worth it. It’s a personal decision and I am not here to judge but go into it with your eyes wide open. Don’t get mad if something goes wrong and accept that having sex with coworkers could be good or bad. If people find out they will probably judge you and they will judge you for better or worse. I don’t know why, it’s just the way it tends to go. Something about two consenting human beings engaging in one of the most natural acts in the world just seems to send certain people over the edge in terms of feeling like they are allowed to judge. Maybe it’s our culture and anti-sex moral code that we have been raised with but something sure gets peoples panties in a bunch when they find out their fellow coworkers are doing the nasty! If you get caught you should be prepared for whatever reaction comes your way. You can say it’s none of their business but in a round about way you did involve them. Especially if it brings drama into the workplace and affects their ability to do their job.

Should you have sex actually at work? hmmm, I’ll leave that up to you but probably a bad idea. If you do than don’t get caught and send me some pictures!!

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